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Enough is enough

Our citizens deserve an authentic representative of the people, a leader not afraid to stand up to the corporate lobbyists and moneyed interests whose only priority is their corporate bottom line – not yours. 


I will fight every day for your right to earn a living wage, to protect and expand your health care choices, and prioritize high quality education and workforce training for every citizen in our region.  Not only will I fight for more equitable funding for our schools, I will work hand in hand with teachers, administrators, and police departments in every community to identify real-world, rational approaches to ensure the safety of our children, our schools and neighborhoods.    

Let me assure you, these are not the priorities of my opponent, as starkly outlined in the budget she herself has said she "shepherded" through the Ohio legislature:  No to minimum wage increases;  Cuts to education funding, at a time when the state lags far behind other states in overall preparation;  Cuts to chronic disease prevention and Veteran’s Services  -- and the defunding of local governments -- at a time of growing need;  Tax cuts that give 85% of the benefit to those at the very top, while increasing the financial burden for those at the very bottom rung of the ladder.

Budgets Are a Reflection of our Values

So, what does the most recent state budget that my opponent proudly "shepherded" through the State House say about her values -- and what have we lost as a result?

Cuts to Health Care

  • Funding for immunizations –  ELIMINATED

  • Funding for access to dental care –ELIMINATED

  • Funding for Tobacco Prevention, Cessation, and Enforcement – ELIMINATED

  • Funding for Chronic Disease and Injury Prevention – ELIMINATED

  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Services – CUT 33.33%

Cuts to Education

  • School Improvement Grants – CUT 22.84%

  • Neglected and Delinquent Children Education – ELIMINATED

  • Early Childhood Education – CUT 13.74%

  • Drug Free Schools – ELIMINATED

  • Teacher Incentive – ELIMINATED

  • Head Start Collaboration Project -ELIMINATED

  • Workforce and Higher Education Programs – ELIMINATED

Cuts to Law Enforcement and Safety

  • Law Enforcement Assistance Program – CUT 26.74%

  • Police and Fire Disability Pension Fund- CUT 40%

  • Police & Fire Survivor Benefits – CUT 19.86%

  • Watercraft Law Enforcement – ELIMINATED

  • Local Government Safety Capital Grant Program - ELIMINATED

Cuts to Seniors

  • Senior Community Services – CUT 6.30%

  • Senior Long-Term Care Budget – CUT 9.97%

  • National Senior Service Corps CUT 7.71%


Cuts to Veterans

  • Department of Veteran’s Services – CUT 14.21%

  • Military Injury Relief Program – CUT 50%

  • Troops to Teachers – CUT 22.32%

Cuts to Department of Developmental Disabilities

  • Screening and Early Identification - CUT 59.09%

  • Employment First Initiative – CUT 53.10%

Cuts to Environmental Protections

  • Portage County Stormwater – ELIMINATED

  • Injection Well Review – ELIMINATED

  • Mining Regulation – ELIMINATED

  • Wetlands Habitat – CUT 57.35%

  • Ohio River Management – CUT 31.23%


And while my opponent's budget priorities are certainly out of touch with the needs of real people, she is fatally wrong and out of touch on how to keep our children and community safe.  As the co-sponsor of a "Stand Your Ground & Permitless Carry" bill (HB 228) -- a proposed law that allows people to carry hidden, loaded handguns in public, without a permit or safety training -- my opponent puts our children and communities at greater risk.  90% percent of Ohio voters support requiring a permit to carry a concealed weapon in public. (2016, March) from SurveyUSA  And the research clearly shows that Stand Your Ground aka Shoot First laws don't deter crime.  In fact, states that have passed such laws have seen dramatic increases in homicides. Ingraham, C. (2018, March 2) The Best Available Evidence Suggests NRA-Backed Gun Policies Are Making Crime Worse.  From

​We all lose when the income gap widens and the rich get richer at the expense of those who do most of the working and paying and living in our towns and communities.  We all lose when a representative doesn't represent, and when they push for laws that would leave us less safe, and less secure. 

​This district needs a voice for real people, real workers, and real families.  

The citizens of the 76th district now have a real choice.